You may have your facts wrong about alcohol and liver disease


Liver disease is often referred to as a “silent” condition, as its various forms can have no symptoms at all. In the most serious cases,

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Booking the venue and the caterer aren’t the only things to take care of when planning a wedding. To avoid last-minute hiccups, time should also

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Few people have the luxury of following their heart's calling right out of school. Sometimes, sticking out a job you absolutely hate is a necessary

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A new study recommends giving vitamin D supplements to children who are still breastfeeding after their first birthday, in an effort to prevent health problems. “This

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New research, presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association, has highlighted the negative effects of energy drinks on the heart. The beverages, containing

6 ways to keep feeling good and healthy after your detox


After a full-on detox, it can be tempting to hang up your sports gear and tuck straight into some fatty foods. But adopting a few




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