Easy Parcel

EasyParcel as a whole is a web-based parcel consolidator and E-commerce shipping solutions provider, or to put it into simple words, we provide easy-access solution for delivery service bookings.

Established in June 2014, this company was formed with a mission in mind; that is to provide a simplified shipping platform where businesses could book any manner of consignment for delivery at prices they couldn’t achieve themselves, backed up with the knowledge and expertise of an industry veteran (the Managing Director).

Even though we have now developed an efficient and user-friendly online booking system, our ethos is to keep the small business mentality and treat each customer with the time and care they deserve.

More than 50,000 people and businesses in Malaysia are using EasyParcel. Our platform allows you to book for delivery from multiple established courier companies in Malaysia and of course, at an affordable rate.



The EasyParcel Family

EasyParcel family is expanding and we love what we’re doing each day. Now we need your passion to make wonders! A job in EasyParcel is unlike any other you’ve had. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be proud. As whatever job you’re having here, you’re part of something BIG.

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The Perks

Create your own Opportunity in Tronexus and let’s share the success together. We welcome you to be part of us.

About Tronexus

Who are we?

Tronexus is an organization that runs a referral program module under Tronexus Global Sdn Bhd and is a part of Talk Focus Sdn Bhd. A huge part of our business consist of providing technological and lifestyle solutions in telecommunication and merchant products.

Why us?

Tronexus provides you an opportunity to start your own business and earn passive income. You don’t have to spend long hours, it is flexible. There are also types of bonuses and rewards you can gain. This is to motivate you and your partners to achieve the best result and also to enjoy the privilege. Not only rewards, you’ll get to experience types of events that are organized by Tronexus. From there, you’ll get to build your connection, meet new people and enjoy yourself!

With Tronexus, you’ll get to enjoy:

Flexible time

You can work anytime you prefer and anywhere you like.

Pursue your passion

Follow your heart, do things you love, work happily

You choose the people you work with

Work with people who you like, even your family members or friends. It’s up to you.

Good money

You can earn extra money. You can either work full time or part time. It’s up to you! You do not need to work extra hours. Share this benefits with anyone. Once they join, money goes into your bank! Easy!

Build your own career

Feeling lost? Wanting to make a change? Here’s an opportunity for you. Start building your own career and earn more income. Be a boss, find partners and start your career.

Meet new people

You’ll get to join Tronexus’ events. Here is how you build your connection and confidence. You’ll get to meet more people and enhance your social life.

Work from everywhere

Work from home, café, malls. It’s up to you. You decide!

Reach your dream

Seeing people possess their own career, having their own time to do the things they like, no financial worries, having a happy and successful life. Isn’t it envious? Now it’s the time for you to reach your dream. Build your career, start earning passive income and enjoy your life.

Redeem vouchers

You’ll get to redeem vouchers and enjoy great deals. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

More bonuses

Don’t miss your chance! Be updated by checking our “promotion” tab.

Get inspired with Tronexus!

Join Us Now. Create your own opportunity and start earning! Don’t wait! Understand our membership packages, and start signing up.

Which Package suits you best?

Tronexus provides 3 affordable packages for you!

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More Benefits, More Smiles

A2A Global Network

Introduction to a2a Data Technology Platform


a2a Global Network Sdn Bhd is a Data Technology Consumers Platform incorporated on 16 December 2015 whereby consumers can leverage on, to earn Loyalty Points from their online and offline shopping, to build their database and generate uninterrupted passive income.

a2a simply stands for ‘anyone to anyone’, ‘anywhere to anywhere’ and ‘anything to anything’.


With a low entry of RM31.80, anyone can enjoy all the benefits generated from the platform.


A global DT consumers’ platform that is borderless and full of unlimited potential.


A holistic lifestyle, from consuming basic necessities, to shopping and leisure, and basically everything under the sun.

a2a also sets out to be the world’s first Shoppers pay Shoppers DT Consumers platform – one that incorporates a hybrid platform, combining Loyalty Program, e-Commerce and Viral Marketing by embedding the power of multiplication into the system. Moreover, a2a platform is designed to be easy, simple and extremely rewarding through the usage of mobile applications and the Internet. Through this platform, members can enjoy three major benefits for a lifetime:

1. Collect Loyalty Points when you shop online, offline, or simply by referring friends to join. Each Loyalty Point is worth up to RM0.625.

2. When you and your friend accumulates 320LP and exchanges for RM200, you can enjoy a profit sharing of RM8.

3. Practice a good deed a day by supporting the needy through daily donation in a2a platform.


Adding value to everyone’s life

  • Helping the underprivileged to change their life,
  • Releasing the hidden resources of the society,
  • Narrowing the gap between the rich & the poor, and
  • Making the world a better place to live.


To be the largest global Data Technology Consumers Platform that everyone can share, grow and earn together.


Win-Win-Win Principle

  • To place our members’ interest at the highest priority
  • To uphold a win-win relationship with our strategic partners
  • When members win, strategic partners win, company will eventually win


Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Appreciation (RIRA)



User & Member Benefits


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iShare is an integrated directsumer and e-commerce platform that shares profits with everyone in our ecosystem including our Directsumers, Merchants and Global Partners. We believe that sharing is caring, sharing is easy and sharing creates meaningful lives.

Now with iShare, millions of people across the globe are able to enjoy abundance and joy every single day by just repeating 3 simple actions –iShare, iEarn, iShop.


Be iShare Directsumer

Now with iShare, you can earn an income when you share online. You don’t have to sell any products. Just simply join us as Directsumers and you can start sharing and earning every day. You earn an income when anyone in your network of friends joins iShare or purchases anything from our eMall. On top of that, you also get great cash rebates for all your purchases from our eMall.

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Be iShare Mechant

Whether you are an online or offline merchant, iShare is the latest platform for you to market your products and services. Just list your products and services on our eMall. Every day, thousands of iShare Directsumers will help you to share and promote your products to millions of their friends. You don’t have to pay for any advertising anymore. You only need to share a part of your profits with our network of Directsumers and Global Partners after you get the sales.

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Be iShare Global Partner

As an iShare Global Partner, you earn a share of our total sales every day. This means that whenever someone from anywhere in the world joins iShare or buys anything from our eMall, you will earn an income. Moreover, you also get eMall credits that you can sell to Merchants to list their products into our eMall.

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