iShare is an integrated directsumer and e-commerce platform that shares profits with everyone in our ecosystem including our Directsumers, Merchants and Global Partners. We believe that sharing is caring, sharing is easy and sharing creates meaningful lives.

Now with iShare, millions of people across the globe are able to enjoy abundance and joy every single day by just repeating 3 simple actions –iShare, iEarn, iShop.


Be iShare Directsumer

Now with iShare, you can earn an income when you share online. You don’t have to sell any products. Just simply join us as Directsumers and you can start sharing and earning every day. You earn an income when anyone in your network of friends joins iShare or purchases anything from our eMall. On top of that, you also get great cash rebates for all your purchases from our eMall.

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Be iShare Mechant

Whether you are an online or offline merchant, iShare is the latest platform for you to market your products and services. Just list your products and services on our eMall. Every day, thousands of iShare Directsumers will help you to share and promote your products to millions of their friends. You don’t have to pay for any advertising anymore. You only need to share a part of your profits with our network of Directsumers and Global Partners after you get the sales.

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Be iShare Global Partner

As an iShare Global Partner, you earn a share of our total sales every day. This means that whenever someone from anywhere in the world joins iShare or buys anything from our eMall, you will earn an income. Moreover, you also get eMall credits that you can sell to Merchants to list their products into our eMall.

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