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OPC.LA-One Point Click is a brand new type of online shopping.At OPC.LA, we simplify your shopping experience with curated good finds, tips and tools, and daily inspirations for everyday living. You just need 1 Point to get 1 ‘Lucky Code’. One Point Click divides a product into equal parts into ‘Lucky Code’. Each point costs only 1 Ringgit.

Whenever the ‘Point’ are sold finished, a lucky winner will be randomly selected and the
lucky winner will obtain the product. (Example: If the product costs 100 Point, in this case, theoretically
each one ‘Lucky Code’ has a 1% of winning the product. The more points you purchase, the more chances you have to winning the product. However, as this is a random picking of the winner, you

actually can win the product by just buying only one point of one ‘lucky code’.)

We’re passionate about getting our merchant community and authorized partners right for you. So you can shop with confidence and we want you to have as much fun visiting OPC.LA as we do in stocking it.

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