Should you give vitamin D to your babies or kids?

A new study recommends giving vitamin D supplements to children who are still breastfeeding after their first birthday, in an effort to prevent health problems. “This is important for exclusively breastfed infants and dark-skinned children, who are at particular risk of nutritional rickets,” says Mayo Clinic family medicine physician Dr Tom

Drinking 2 cans of this a day is enough to risk your heart health

New research, presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association, has highlighted the negative effects of energy drinks on the heart. The beverages, containing sugar, caffeine and taurine, were found to trigger abnormal heart rhythms.         A clinical trial, led by researchers at the University of the Pacific and David Grant

6 ways to keep feeling good and healthy after your detox

After a full-on detox, it can be tempting to hang up your sports gear and tuck straight into some fatty foods. But adopting a few good habits can help maintain the positive effects of a detox programme for longer. These simple solutions can even be followed long-term as part of
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